Looking forward to spring coming

Have a number of plans and am working on new pieces of glass.  Here are two Journal pages I completed in the past weeks.

The first one I worked with my granddaughter on her birthday while she did one side of the journal I did the other.  I love our bonding moments.  Acrylic, gesso, stencils, layers

Journal page from end of January 2015

Journal page from end of January 2015

The second one is a mixed media piece using gel medium paste to create the texture on the page, stencils and acrylics

Journal Page jan 2015

Journal page beginning of February 2015

Stay tuned for more creative smatterings coming soon.

Enjoy and happy creating.



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Been very busy for the past year but that is no excuse

Last year I became a Close to my Heart Consultant and demonstrator.  Took part in my first Thrive weekend with my team in Barrie, Ontario.  It was nice to get together with so many individuals who are like minded and creative.  It was inspiring.  Started a CTMHblog that keeps me busy posting.  I was lucky to find an Ottawa based group who get together to so some Scrapbooking/cardmaking, inspire each other and talk best practices etc.

I am still fusing glass and making hand made cards and they can be seen in my Etsy store

I did 10 sales and shows over the year some very good and some not so.  The organizers I know busted their butts to make them a success but the people just did not come out.  However I did sell a few things on Etsy which is great.

So here we are again 2015 already have been applying and have been accepted at a few shows/sales at this point

Ottawa Dancers’ Bazaar, on Sunday, March 8, 2015.  10-3 pm Location: Knights of Columbus Hall at 260 McArthur Ave, Ottawa, Ontario.

6th Annual Arts and Scraps, Saturday April 11, 2015. 10-3 pm Location: Overbrook Community Centre, 33 Quill Street, Ottawa, Ontario (materials, trinkets, scrapbooking, cardmaking supplies…)

Vibrant – Ottawa Valley Crafts & Collectibles (OVCC) April 25-26, 2015  10-4 daily Location: Library and Archives Canada, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa, Ontario

On the family front much has also happened.  Oldest grand daughter started Junior High, made the volleyball team.  Grandson started school Junior Kindergarten and loves it. Second oldest had to get braces and expander and is one of best helpers in school and home, the youngest girl is so quirky in such a good way.  The family received two lab puppies for Christmas and the household is hopping on any day of the week as the kiddos and puppies grow…They all bring me my greatest joy.

Well better move onto something else before the day is finished…Have a great week…let lots of color and happiness into you life each and every day….


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What have I been up to

I have been so busy with Grandkids, marketing my glass and art business and if that is not enough also became a Close to my Heart consultant and demonstrator. On the grandkid front: my youngest turns 4 on the 22nd of June and will start school in September. The oldest was just confirmed and graduates from grade 6 on June 25th.  The other two will both pass into grades 2 and 3 with flying colors.

I have had two sales over the past few months one with OVCC

vibrant spring show 2014

archive sale tablearchive sale dishesTimeline photos

and yesterday

T.H.A.T. (Totally handmade artisan trinkets) craft fair   THAT sale 140614 parkdale church


I have applied for a couple coming up in October and November and it is so hard to wait for acceptance.  For sure I will be at on November 24th.


I will keep everyone posted on further developements.  In the meantime if you are from Canada and are interested in Scrapbooking or cardmaking supplies please go to My Close to my Heart online store also You can follow me on my CTMH Blog .   CA

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January 8 and 9th

It has been a lost couple of days it was beautiful today but yesterday was cloudy and cold. Yesterday, I had a headache most of the day so did not get much done.  Today managed to organize and sort of clean part of my art room.  I work very well in chaos but it drives everyone around me crazy.





Also my Buddy the dog has had his Spring grooming.

Buddy's Spring Haircut

Buddy’s Spring Haircut

Be safe and warm.


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January 7th

Hibernating it is -29 with the wind chill.  Just crazy weather.  I am attempting to do a clean up of my art room not being very successful.  I tend to get lost in what can I do with this and then pile it up with other stuff to make something so now I have organized piles and no space to put the projects as a whole until I work on them.

Need to get ready to make cards and pendants for two shows coming up but can’t get motivated because the art room is a mess caught up in a catch 22 sort of vortex.

Missing my China bear the cat today no particular reason just do.  He passed away before Christmas.  Buddy is doing great he is 14 and blind now and hard of hearing.  He is also on more meds that me but still such a happy boy.  He still is pretty active when he feels good but loves to sleep at my feet or within my sight line.

China and Buddy

Keep warm and safe.


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January 6th

Weather is awful these days freezing rain all night. I woke up to snow and blowing wind but mild and dripping.  By afternoon it was sunny but the temperature dropped considerably enough to start flash freezing all the liquid that was already on the ground.  I shoveled before it got too frozen and salted.  Had to go down an incline to put the garbage out and it was very slippery but was able to get there and back without a tumble.

Went to Costco with my daughter in law was nice to get in and get out without too much trouble.  I needed milk and other necessities and it was great just to spend time with her alone without the kids.

Accomplishment today finished the journal page for a swap I am in, put it into the envelope so it is ready to be mailed this week .  Can’t show it to you until she receives it…


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January 5th

Blowing snow most of the day and tonight it is ice pellets and freezing rain.  So what did I accomplish today.  I finished my laundry and hung it up to dry trying not to use the dryer. Cleaned off my desk, sat in on a Ustream creative pintrest challenge https://www.facebook.com/groups/1441301386082665/   to make a money jar and using only stuff in your stash of paper and recycled materials then attach chart with the date and the dollar increments every week put in the jar for 52 weeks at the end you end up with 1,378.

In the meantime I finished 4 dishcloths one and a half while watching the Ustream live challenge.

4 dishcloths and have 4 balls still.

4 dishcloths and have 4 balls still.

It was also my little big sister’s birthday today and her husband baked and decorated a cake for her she was very impressed and so was I.

Decluttering and organizing is another challenge for 2014.  Trying to use it or loose this year.


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